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Commercial Services
SMS Commercial Services

If you want a custom version of SMS with certain applications, or servers, or maybe customized logos and boot screen images, I'm willing to create that version for you in a reasonable price*.

If you want me to configure your current SMS to a configuration that will suits your needs, I can do that through SSH, the only thing you need to do, is to install SMS in your hard disk and give me remote access to your server (SMS).

If you want a custom server based on a distro other than slackware, or if you have an individual project, you can hire my skills.

For more info contact me at info @

  • Logo customization:                30
       (Full logo customization including boot screens and apps.)
  • Basic configuration:                40
       (Domain setup and optimization)
  • Advanced configuration:        - contact with details -
       (DNS, Mail, File, Print, Fax server setup)
  • Extra applications:                - contact with details -
       (Applications not available in SMS)

*price is proportional to customization of your server.

Support hours through SSH.
You can buy support hours through SSH either for maintenance, troubleshooting or configuration.
If you are interested in weekly, monthly or yearly contracts, please contact me.
For Greece only
I repair (software/hardware) Windows, Linux and Macintosh Computers, and providing basic data recovery services
Linux Support for VPS & Dedicated servers.
If you have a dedicated server or a VPS with a linux operating system other than SMS, and you need support for configuration, troubleshooting, optimization or maintenance, I can provide you support by hour or with contract plans per week, month or year.
If you have any queries or interested, please contact me with your details.
  - Support Contracts -  
All subscriptions renew automatically
 1 Month 190  
  Save 0%
 3 Months 430 
  Save 25%
 6 Months 720 
  Save 35%
 1 Year 1.150 
  Save 50%
 2 Years 1.820 
  Save 60%
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