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SMS Support
- Support SMS
There are many ways to support SMS, the best way is by using it and posting bugs, suggestions, fixes in the forum or directly to me, so SMS can be better and stronger.

- Spread the word
You can support SMS by telling your friends about it.

- Money Donation
Another way is by donating money through PayPal, Payza, Skrill or even Bitcoins.
I barely make it, so If you can donate any amount of money is a big help, to keep this project alive.

All Time Current Donations Balance : 645 & (0.07 Bitcoins)

- Buy SMS All in One DVD
For only 5 you can buy a downloadable version of SMS All in One DVD.
The iso is bootable either from a DVD-ROM or a USB flash disk.

SMS Donations
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SMS AIO Sold History:
Iso Image:        13
USB 8GB:        1
USB 16GB:        1
Donate Bitcoins
- Become a sponsor, support the project and place a link to your site.
Became a sponsor, and advertise your company on site, by donating an amount yearly.
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