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SMS Version 2.0.9 Released!
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:29 pm    Post subject: SMS Version 2.0.9 Released! Reply with quote

05/10/2016 -- SMS version 2.0.9 Released!
Superb Mini Server version 2.0.9 released (Linux kernel 4.4.22)

It's been a while since our last release, and it was time for a new version.
This release brings server packages upgrade and latest LTS kernel branch 4.4.22.
Many server packages upgrade such as postfix-3.0.7 , samba-4.5.0, dovecot-2.2.25, bind-9.10.4_P3, mysql-5.5.52...

We still keep httpd-2.2.31 as our default server, but we moved to php-5.6.26 since phpmyadmin needed it and
beside that php-5.4. reach its EOL, so mind the new /etc/httpd/php.ini if you are upgrading.
Most likely on our next release we will switch to httpd-2.4 as our default server, so you better look for migration tips.
httpd-2.4 is at testing as usual for those who switched already.

This release brings also support for letsencrypt certificates, with certbot in extra packages. Installing certbot with slapt-get
will also install virtualenv and augeas.

OpenSSH needs your attention if you are upgrading as new version don't allow root login by default, so mind the new /etc/ssh/sshd_config
or add on your already existing sshd_config "PermitRootLogin yes".

Either you are upgrading or not, I strongly recommend to take a look at CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT.

SMS Wiki is at http://sms.it-ccs.com/wiki
SMS Support forum at http://sms.it-ccs.com/forum

If you find this software useful support it, in any way you can, at http://sms.it-ccs.com/support.html

A brief Changelog.

-> Kernels upgraded to version 4.4.22
-> bind-9.10.2 upgraded to version 9.10.4_P3
-> clamav-0.98.3 upgraded to version 0.99.2
-> dhcpcd-6.0.5 upgraded to version 6.0.5
-> dovecot-2.2.16 upgraded to version 2.2.25
-> dovecot-pigeonhole-0.4.6 upgraded to version 0.4.15
-> glibc-zoneinfo upgraded to version 2016g
-> httpd-2.2.29 upgraded to version 2.2.31
-> hylafax-5.5.6 upgraded to version 5.5.8
-> kernel-firmware-20140604git upgraded to version 20160927git
-> mysql-5.5.43 upgraded to version 5.5.52
-> openldap-2.4.40 upgraded to version 2.4.44
-> openssh-6.8p1 upgraded to version 7.3p1
-> openssl-1.0.1m upgraded to version 1.0.2j
-> openssl-solibs-1.0.1m upgraded to version 1.0.2j
-> php-5.4.40 upgraded to version 5.6.26
-> phpmyadmin-4.4.4 upgraded to version 4.6.4
-> postfix-3.0.1 upgraded to version 3.0.7
-> samba-4.1.17 upgraded to version 4.5.0
-> slapt-get-0.10.2q upgraded to version 0.10.2t
-> squid-3.4.12 upgraded to version 3.4.14
-> weberp-4.12.2 upgraded to version 4.13
-> webmin-1.740 upgraded to version 1.810
-> xz-5.2.1 upgraded to version 5.2.2

Changes in SMS(64).Native.CD-2.0.9-Extra

-> extra/packages/usermin-1.701-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/php-geoip-1.1.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/mariadb-5.5.52-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/PAM/openssh-7.3p1_pam-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-linux-2.11.1_4.4.22-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-tools-2.11.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/ndiswrapper-1.60_4.4.22-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/nginx-1.8.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/certbot-0.8.1-i586-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/augeas-1.4.0-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/virtualenv-13.1.2-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> testing/postfix-3.1.3-i686-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/httpd-2.4.23-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/nginx-1.10.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/php-5.6.26_httpd_2.4-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.

03/05/2015 -- SMS version 2.0.8 Released!

Superb Mini Server version 2.0.8 released (Linux kernel 3.14.40)

It's been almost a year and SMS-2.0.8 comes with LTS Linux Kernel 3.14.40 and many server packages upgrades.

This is a maintenance and security release, many security fixes applied to this release, nothing new though for users that keep their server up to date with SMS-Current...

For our default webserver we choose again httpd 2.2.29 but we move to php-5.4.40, php 5.3.29 is available in extra.
Httpd-5.4.12 with php-5.4.40_httpd_2.4 is available under testing repos, and that only for not updating automatically through slapt-get.
httpd-2.4.12 is quite stable and it's the default webserver for https://superbminiserver.org anyway...
we don't have php-5.6 builds yet for SMS and I don't see a reason yet, but they will come sooner or later...

New packages in this release is hostapd, wireless access point daemon and nginx-1.8 and samba-4.2.1 under testing...
We remove php-json for extra/rtorrent+wtorrent since we now use the php's built in json, and also removed from distributed isos the Linux-HA packages that were outdated...

Postfix got a new major release update 3.0.1, which is backward compatible, but you can always find updated releases for 2.11.x in extra.

If you are running owncloud on your server you should skip the curl update, because it breaks the owncloud server.

This release feature also and a DVD iso image, only available at our official mirror ftp.superbminiserver.org though, that holds also SMS(64)-Current isos.

Either you are upgrading or not, I strongly recommend to take a look at CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT.

SMS Wiki is at http://sms.it-ccs.com/wiki
SMS Support forum at http://sms.it-ccs.com/forum

If you find this software useful support it, in any way you can, at http://sms.it-ccs.com/support.html

A brief Changelog.

-> Kernels upgraded to version 3.14.40
-> alpine-2.03 upgraded to version 2.20
-> bash-4.3.011 upgraded to version 4.3.030
-> bind-9.9.5 upgraded to version 9.10.2
-> cifs-utils-6.3 upgraded to version 6.4
-> clamav-0.98.3 upgraded to version 0.98.7
-> curl-7.37.0 upgraded to version 7.42.1
-> dovecot-2.2.13 upgraded to version 2.2.16
-> dovecot-pigeonhole-0.4.3 upgraded to version 0.4.6
-> gptfdisk-0.8.5 upgraded to version 0.8.10
-> httpd-2.2.27 upgraded to version 2.2.29
-> hylafax-5.5.5 upgraded to version 5.5.6
-> imapd-2.03 upgraded to version 2.20
-> libevent-2.0.21 upgraded to version 2.0.22
-> mysql-5.5.38 upgraded to version 5.5.43
-> ntp-4.2.6p5 upgraded to version 4.2.8
-> openldap-2.4.39 upgraded to version 2.4.40
-> openmpi-1.8.1 upgraded to version 1.8.3
-> openssh-6.6p1 upgraded to version 6.8p1
-> openssl-1.0.1h upgraded to version 1.0.1m
-> openssl-solibs-1.0.1h upgraded to version 1.0.1m
-> openvpn-2.3.2 upgraded to version 2.3.6
-> php-5.3.28 upgraded to version 5.4.40
-> php-suhosin-0.9.35 upgraded to version 0.9.36
-> phpmyadmin-4.2.2 upgraded to version 4.4.4
-> postfix-2.11.1 upgraded to version 3.0.1
-> proftpd-1.3.5 upgraded to version 1.3.5
-> rkhunter-1.4.0 upgraded to version 1.4.2
-> samba-4.1.8 upgraded to version 4.1.17
-> sms-scripts-2.0.7 upgraded to version 2.0.8
-> spamassassin-3.4.0 upgraded to version 3.4.1
-> squid-3.3.12 upgraded to version 3.4.12
-> weberp-4.11.3 upgraded to version 4.12.2
-> webmin-1.690 upgraded to version 1.740
-> wget-1.14 upgraded to version 1.16
-> xfsprogs-3.2.0 upgraded to version 3.2.1
-> xz-5.0.5 upgraded to version 5.2.1
-> zlib-1.2.6 upgraded to version 1.2.8

Changes in SMS(64).Native.CD-2.0.8-Extra

-> extra/asterisk/asterisk- Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-linux-2.10.1_3.14.40-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-tools-2.10.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/iptables_l7-1.4.21_3.14.40-i486-8sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-generic-l7-3.14.40_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-hugel7-3.14.40_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/hostapd-2.4-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/iscsitarget-rev503_3.14.40-i486-3sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/ndiswrapper-1.59_3.14.40-i486-7sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/usermin-1.650-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/nginx-1.6.3-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/postfix-2.11.5-i686-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/PAM/openssh-6.8p1_pam-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/libpri-1.4.15-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/icecast-2.4.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/mariadb-5.5.42-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/roundcubemail-1.1.0-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/wireshark-1.10.12-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/php-geoip-1.0.8-i486-3sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/php-json-1.2.1-i486-1sms.txz: Removed.
-> testing/nginx-1.8.0-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> testing/php-5.4.40_httpd_2.4-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/samba-4.2.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/httpd-2.4.12-i486-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.

07/06/2014 -- SMS version 2.0.7 Released!

Superb Mini Server version 2.0.7 released (Linux kernel 3.10.41)

After almost 8 months we have a new release, those months were quite hard to delevelop, but we are now back on track,
with LTS 3.10.41 linux kernel, many server upgrades and security fixes, including openssl-1.0.1h.
Main reason for the delay, was four hard disk failures, one after the other, which kept me back on schedule, still recovering stuff,
nothing important is lost, thank God...
Although I couldn't prepare a release, updates were right on time, regarding security and regular packages updates, so those who track the Current tree will have little to upgrade...
I also notice a distrowatch review, which I didn't have the time to reply at that time, but add some TODO from that review and reader's comments on my list.

For this release we had a dilemma for our web server, to either switch to php-5.4 or stay with php-5.3.
We decided to stay with php-5.3 for now, there is a php54 package in extra, built over httpd-2.2.27, if someone wants to upgrade their
php package, but beware to remove php package first.
php54 package includes a slack-conflicts so installing it from slapt-get will warn you to remove php package.
Under testing there are httpd-2.4.9 and php-5.4.29 as usual for those who prefer latest versions.

We have new packages in extra in this release: icecast streaming server, speex codec in asterisk, srtp encryption in asterisk,
php54 php-5.4.x built over httpd-2.2x, under testing, bind-9.10 and nginx-1.6.0.

Mozilla packages were removed from pasture as they were incompatible with SMS, I'll provide SMS builds, but for now those who use KDE addon
you can use the official static firefox packages.

Postfix upgraded to 2.11.1 in this release if you having problems postfix-2.10.3 is available in extra.

Our SSH package now create an extra key (ed25519) so mind the new /etc/rc.d/rc.sshd.new if you are upgrading.

For those who use asterisk packages we have some tweaking in asterisk-gui to work as it should and
asterisk package patched to have working SRTP+TLS feature.

Thanks to baboo we now have a VPS container running SMS64 with extra services at our official mirror superbminiserver.org.
More will come from that SMS container soon..

Either you are upgrading or not, I strongly recommend to take a look at CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT.

SMS Wiki is at http://sms.it-ccs.com/wiki
SMS Support forum at http://sms.it-ccs.com/forum

If you find this software useful support it, in any way you can, at http://sms.it-ccs.com/support.html

A brief Changelog.
-> Kernels upgraded to version 3.10.41
-> apr-1.4.6 upgraded to version 1.5.0
-> apr-util-1.4.1 upgraded to version 1.5.3
-> bash-4.2.037 upgraded to version 4.3.011
-> bind-9.9.4 upgraded to version 9.9.5
-> cifs-utils-6.1 upgraded to version 6.3
-> clamav-0.98 upgraded to version 0.98.3
-> cups-filters-1.0.40 upgraded to version 1.0.46
-> curl-7.30.0 upgraded to version 7.37.0
-> ddclient-3.8.1 upgraded to version 3.8.2
-> dovecot-2.2.6 upgraded to version 2.2.13
-> dovecot-pigeonhole-0.4.1 upgraded to version 0.4.3
-> fail2ban-0.8.10 upgraded to version 0.8.13
-> gawk-3.1.8 upgraded to version 4.1.1
-> gnupg-1.4.12 upgraded to version 1.4.16
-> grep-2.14 upgraded to version 2.18
-> httpd-2.2.25 upgraded to version 2.2.27
-> hylafax-5.5.4 upgraded to version 5.5.5
-> iproute2-3.8.0 upgraded to version 3.14.0
-> iptables-1.4.17 upgraded to version 1.4.21
-> kernel-firmware-20131027git upgraded to version 20140604git
-> mysql-5.5.34 upgraded to version 5.5.38
-> openldap-2.4.37 upgraded to version 2.4.39
-> openmpi-1.6.5 upgraded to version 1.8.1
-> openssh-6.3p1 upgraded to version 6.6p1
-> openssl-1.0.1e upgraded to version 1.0.1h
-> openssl-solibs-1.0.1e upgraded to version 1.0.1h
-> php-5.3.27 upgraded to version 5.3.28
-> php-suhosin-0.9.33 upgraded to version 0.9.35
-> phpmyadmin-4.0.8 upgraded to version 4.2.2
-> postfix-2.10.2 upgraded to version 2.11.1
-> ppp-2.4.5 upgraded to version 2.4.6
-> proftpd-1.3.4d upgraded to version 1.3.5
-> samba-4.1.0 upgraded to version 4.1.8
-> sendmail-8.14.7 upgraded to version 8.14.9
-> sendmail-cf-8.14.7 upgraded to version 8.14.9
-> slapt-get-0.10.2p upgraded to version 0.10.2q
-> sms-scripts-2.0.6 upgraded to version 2.0.7
-> spamassassin-3.3.2 upgraded to version 3.4.0
-> squid-3.3.9 upgraded to version 3.3.12
-> sshfs-fuse-2.4 upgraded to version 2.5
-> varnish-3.0.4 upgraded to version 3.0.5
-> weberp-4.10.1 upgraded to version 4.11.3
-> webmin-1.660 upgraded to version 1.690
-> xfsprogs-3.1.8 upgraded to version 3.2.0

Changes in SMS(64).Native.CD-2.0.7-Extra

-> extra/packages/usermin-1.600-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/asterisk- Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-linux- Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/iptables_l7-1.4.21_3.10.41-i486-3sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-generic-l7-3.10.41_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-hugel7-3.10.41_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/freeradius-server-2.2.5-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/icecast-2.4.0-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/iscsitarget-rev499_3.10.41-i486-3sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/ndiswrapper-1.59_3.10.41-i486-3sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/php54-5.4.29-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/postfix-2.10.3-i686-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/postfixadmin-2.3.7-noarch-3sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/roundcubemail-1.0.1-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/mariadb-5.5.37-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openjdk-7u55_b14-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openjre-7u55_b14-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/LinuxDVR/ZoneMinder/ZoneMinder-1.25.0-i486-4sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/PAM/openssh-6.6p1_pam-i486-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/PAM/openssh-6.6p1_pam-i486-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/asterisk/asterisk-gui-2.1.0rc1-noarch-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/httpd_vm-2.2.27-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/wireshark-1.10.7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/postfixadmin-2.3.7-noarch-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/nginx-1.4.6-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/lighttpd-1.4.35-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/postfix_vda-2.10.3-i686-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/speex-1.2rc1-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/asterisk/srtp-1.4.4-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/php_suhosin-5.3.28-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/samba-3.6.20-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.

31/10/2013 -- SMS version 2.0.6 Released!

Superb Mini Server version 2.0.6 released (Linux kernel 3.4.67)

This is a maintenance release, focusing on server packages updates such as postfix-2.10.2, samba-4.1.0, openldap-2.4.37,
dovecot-2.2.6 and adding a little VPN touch up to our distribution...

For this release we thought best to stay with 3.4.67 LTS kernel, latest LTS kernel 3.10.17 is available in SMS repository if anyone wants to upgrade...
SMS(64) LiveCD though ships with 3.10.17 kernel, including develpkgs206 modules, just for the fun of it...

New packages in this release are, openconnect client for cisco's AnyConnect SSL VPN, openl2tp an L2TP client/server,
pptp point-to-point tunneling protocol client, pptpd point-to-point tunneling protocol server
and finally strongswan an open source IPsec-based VPN Solution...

As you may notice, we didn't follow Slackware-current tree and we stay at glibc-2.15 and gcc-4.7.2, two main reasons for that are:
First we didn't find it necessary (at least for the time been), our target group is different from slackware
and second that way our releases will have greater compatibility and support between different versions of SMS...

Either you are upgrading or not, I strongly recommend to take a look at CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT.

SMS Wiki is at http://sms.it-ccs.com/wiki
SMS Support forum at http://sms.it-ccs.com/forum

If you find this software useful support it, in any way you can, at http://sms.it-ccs.com/support.html

A brief Changelog.
-> Kernels upgraded to version 3.4.67
-> Added openconnect version 5.01
-> Added openl2tp version 1.8
-> Added pptp version 1.7.2
-> Added pptpd version 1.3.4
-> Added strongswan version 5.1.0
-> bind-9.9.3_P2 upgraded to version 9.9.4
-> ca-certificates-20120623 upgraded to version 20130610
-> clamav-0.97.8 upgraded to version 0.98
-> cups-1.6.3 upgraded to version 1.6.4
-> cups-filters-1.0.35 upgraded to version 1.0.40
-> dhcpcd-5.6.6 upgraded to version 6.0.5
-> dovecot-2.2.4 upgraded to version 2.2.6
-> dovecot-pigeonhole-0.4.0 upgraded to version 0.4.1
-> ethtool-2.6.36 upgraded to version 3.10
-> hylafax-5.5.3 upgraded to version 5.5.4
-> lftp-4.4.8 upgraded to version 4.4.9
-> linux-pam-1.1.6 upgraded to version 1.1.8
-> mysql-5.5.32 upgraded to version 5.5.34
-> nmap-6.25 upgraded to version 6.40
-> openldap-2.4.35 upgraded to version 2.4.37
-> openssh-6.2p2 upgraded to version 6.3p1
-> openvpn-2.3.1 upgraded to version 2.3.2
-> pcre-8.12 upgraded to version 8.33
-> phpmyadmin- upgraded to version 4.0.8
-> postfix-2.10.1 upgraded to version 2.10.2
-> samba-4.0.7 upgraded to version 4.1.0
-> squid-3.3.8 upgraded to version 3.3.9
-> tcpdump-4.3.0 upgraded to version 4.4.0
-> varnish-3.0.3 upgraded to version 3.0.4
-> webmin-1.630 upgraded to version 1.660

Changes in SMS(64).Native.CD-2.0.6-Extra

-> extra/asterisk/asterisk- Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-linux- Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/iptables_l7-1.4.17_3.4.67-i486-19sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-generic-l7-3.4.67_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-hugel7-3.4.67_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openbravo-3.0MP28.2.tar.bz2: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openjdk-7u45_b31-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openjre-7u45_b31-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/iscsitarget- Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/ndiswrapper-1.58_3.4.67-i486-13sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/roundcubemail-0.9.5-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/nagios/nagios-3.5.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/nagios/nrpe-2.15-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/owncloud-5.0.12-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/zabbix/zabbix_agentd-2.0.9-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/zabbix/zabbix_proxy-2.0.9-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/zabbix/zabbix_server-2.0.9-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/nginx-1.4.3-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/usermin-1.570-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/PAM/openssh-6.3p1_pam-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/mariadb-5.5.33-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/wireshark-1.10.2-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> pasture/mozilla-firefox-24.0esr-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> pasture/mozilla-thunderbird-24.0-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/postfix_vda-2.10.2-i686-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/samba-3.6.18-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.

31/07/2013 -- SMS version 2.0.5 Released!

Superb Mini Server version 2.0.5 released (Linux kernel 3.4.55)

SMS-2.0.5 features the latest LTS linux kernel 3.4.55 and brings several server packages updates such as
cups-1.6.3, dovecot-2.2.4, httpd-2.2.25, php-5.3.27, postfix-2.10.1, samba-4.0.7 and many more.

Two bugs that fixed in this release since version 2.0.4 are, HAL and phpmyadmin.
HAL detection has been restored in KDE fixing empty system:/media issue, and fixed wrong config in phpmyadmin.

New packages in this release are fluxbox window manager, you need to choose it upon installation
or else it wouldn't install and requires x-kde-addon package, scite text editor in /extra/packages
and under /testing iscsi-scst linux target package which includes scstadmin.
Iscsi-scst doesn't include the kernel patch though, so perfomance might be poor, but
we are testing it anyway before we apply the patch to our kernels.

Mysql is still our main database server in SMS-2.0.5, latest mariadb package is available in /extra/packages,
you can fetch it with slapt-get too, just don't forget to remove mysql package first...

Again httpd-2.4.6 and php-5.4.17 is available under testing for those who want to upgrade their web server...

Our hoster anounce a migration, so some downtimes are normal, due to that the SMS-AIO_DVD will uploaded in the next two days...

Either you are upgrading or not, I strongly recommend to take a look at CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT.

SMS Wiki is at http://sms.it-ccs.com/wiki
SMS Support forum at http://sms.it-ccs.com/forum

If you find this software useful support it, in any way you can, at http://sms.it-ccs.com/support.html

A brief Changelog.
-> Kernels upgraded to version 3.4.55
-> MailScanner-4.84.5_3 upgraded to version 4.84.6_1
-> automake upgraded ti version 1.11.6
-> bind-9.9.2_P2 upgraded to version 9.9.3_P2
-> cifs-utils-6.0 upgraded to version 6.1
-> cups-1.6.2 upgraded to version 1.6.3
-> cups-filters-1.0.34 upgraded to version 1.0.35
-> dbus-glib-0.98 upgraded to version 0.100.2
-> dovecot-2.2.2 upgraded to version 2.2.4
-> fail2ban- upgraded to version 0.8.10
-> httpd-2.2.24 upgraded to version 2.2.25
-> kernel-firmware-20130524git upgraded to version 20130729git
-> lftp-4.4.5 upgraded to version 4.4.8
-> mkinitrd-1.4.7 upgraded to version 1.4.8
-> mysql-5.5.31 upgraded to version 5.5.32
-> netatalk-2.2.4 upgraded to version 2.2.5
-> nfs-utils-1.2.3 upgraded to version 1.2.8
-> openmpi-1.6.4 upgraded to version 1.6.5
-> php-5.3.25 upgraded to version 5.3.27
-> phpmyadmin-4.0.2 upgraded to version
-> postfix-2.10.0 upgraded to version 2.10.1
-> proftpd-1.3.4c upgraded to version 1.3.4d
-> python-2.7.4 upgraded to version 2.7.5
-> rrdtool-1.4.7 upgraded to version 1.4.20130720
-> samba-4.0.6 upgraded to version 4.0.7
-> slapt-get-0.10.2o upgraded to version 0.10.2p
-> squid-3.3.5 upgraded to version 3.3.8
-> xz-5.0.4 upgraded to version 5.0.5

Changes in SMS(64).Native.CD-2.0.4-Extra

-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-linux-2.7.0_3.4.55-i486-3sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/iptables_l7-1.4.17_3.4.55-i486-17sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-generic-l7-3.4.55_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-hugel7-3.4.55_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openbravo-3.0MP25.tar.bz2: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openjdk-7u40_b31-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openjre-7u40_b31-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/iscsitarget- Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/ndiswrapper-1.58_3.4.55-i486-11sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> testing/iscsi-scst-2.2.1_3.4.55_smp-i486-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/php_suhosin-5.3.27-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/scite-3.33-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> testing/php-5.4.17-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/PAM/cups-1.6.3_pam-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/mariadb-5.5.32-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/transmission-2.81-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/postfix_vda-2.10.1-i686-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/samba-3.6.16-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/roundcubemail-0.9.2-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/wireshark-1.10.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/nginx-1.4.2-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> pasture/mozilla-firefox-22.0-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> pasture/mozilla-thunderbird-17.0.7-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.

28/05/2013 -- SMS version 2.0.4 Released!

Superb Mini Server version 2.0.4 released (Linux kernel 3.4.47)

SMS-2.0.4 comes with the latest LTS linux kernel version 3.4.47, and brings minor fixes and several updates to server packages such as postfix-2.10.0, dovecot-2.2.2, openldap-2.4.35, samba-4.0.6, php-5.3.25, httpd-2.2.24 and many more...

Although it's been a year since httpd-2.4 and php-5.4 released, we decided to keep them out from stable tree once more, since stability and compatibility is our main goal...
For those who want them of course there are updated packages under testing directory in SMS(64).Native.CD-Extra.iso

New packages in this release are lm_sensors hardware monitor tools moved from pasture to main tree, gnu-efi EFI deveopment files and loudmouth XMPP (Jabber) C programming library.
New packages in SMS.Native.CD-Extra.iso are openfire a XMPP (Jabber) real time collaboration server written in java under /extra/packages, and startup-notification and xcb-util under /pasture to fix problems with mozilla apps, for those who don't update x-kde-addon package.
Openfire is the first (and ony) SMS package that has dependency, if you slapt-get it, it will automatically download and install openjdk package if it's not installed already.

Other interesting news for the sendmail fans in this release, is the built of sendmail package with ldap support...
We move few packages to newest stable branch such as, dovecot-2.2 moving dovecot-2.1 to extra for those who need it, nginx-1.4 and squid-3.3 as those were the best options...
To save some space in installation disk we remove the outdated daily.cvd signatures from clamav package, as freshclam will update signatures every hour anyway and in a fresh install within 10 minutes after clamd is started. Live CDs have the file though for testing purposes.

Bootsplash patches seems to be broken, didn't have time to do anything about it, and since priority is lowest for that kind of stuff, you will notice the SMS LiveCDs have no bootsplash.

Although many distributions, including slackware, switch to mariadb, SMS stays with mysql, for now at least...
Latest mariadb package is available under /extra/packages, and we update it as fast as mysql anyway, so no worries...
Personally the mariadb fork reminds me a bit the Sun Grid Engine phenomenon, so let's see how it goes...

If you are upgrading, webmin need your attention for clamav and mysql modules regarding startup init scripts configuration. For clamav use "/etc/rc.d/rc.clamav" and for mysql "/etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld" or use the incoming config.new files.

SMS64 isos features experimental UEFI boot, if anyone wants to try it...

Either you are upgrading or not, I strongly recommend to take a look at CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT.

SMS Wiki is at http://sms.it-ccs.com/wiki
SMS Support forum at http://sms.it-ccs.com/forum

If you find this software useful support it, in any way you can, at http://sms.it-ccs.com/support.html

A brief Changelog.

-> kernels upgraded to version 3.4.47
-> Added lm_sensors version 3.3.3
-> Added gnu-efi version 3.0s
-> Added loudmouth version 1.5.0
-> acpid-2.0.16 upgraded to version 2.0.18
-> autofs-5.0.5 upgraded to version 5.0.7
-> bind-9.9.2_P1 upgraded to version 9.9.2_P2
-> binutils- upgraded to version
-> cifs-utils-5.9 upgraded to version 6.0
-> clamav-0.97.6 upgraded to version 0.97.8
-> coreutils-8.19 upgraded to version 8.21
-> cups-1.6.1 upgraded to version 1.6.2
-> cups-filters-1.0.29 upgraded to version 1.0.34
-> curl-7.29.0 upgraded to version 7.30.0
-> dbus-1.4.20 upgraded to version 1.6.8
-> dhcp-4.2.5 upgraded to version 4.2.5_P1
-> dosfstools-3.0.11 upgraded to version 3.0.16
-> dovecot-2.1.15 upgraded to version 2.2.2
-> dovecot-pigeonhole-0.3.3 upgraded to version 0.4.0
-> e2fsprogs-1.42.6 upgraded to version 1.42.7
-> ed-1.6 upgraded to version 1.7
-> fetchmail-6.3.24 upgraded to version 6.3.26
-> gettext- upgraded to version
-> ghostscript-9.05 upgraded to version 9.07
-> groff-1.21 upgraded to version 1.22.2
-> hplip-3.13.2 upgraded to version 3.13.4
-> htop-1.0.1 upgraded to version 1.0.2
-> httpd-2.2.23 upgraded to version 2.2.24
-> hylafax-5.5.2 upgraded to version 5.5.3
-> ilmbase-1.0.2 upgraded to version 1.0.3
-> imagemagick-6.7.7_10 upgraded to version 6.8.5_4
-> iproute2-3.6.0 upgraded to version 3.8.0
-> kernel-firmware-20130219git upgraded to version 20130524git
-> kmod-9 upgraded to version 12
-> lftp-4.3.8 upgraded to version 4.4.5
-> libssh-0.5.3 upgraded to version 0.5.4
-> mysql-5.5.30 upgraded to version 5.5.31
-> nano-2.3.1 upgraded to version 2.3.2
-> net-snmp-5.6.1 upgraded to version 5.7.2
-> openldap-2.4.33 upgraded to version 2.4.35
-> openssh-6.1p1 upgraded to version 6.2p2
-> openvpn-2.2.2 upgraded to version 2.3.1
-> parted-2.3 upgraded to version 3.1
-> perl-5.16.2 upgraded to version 5.16.3
-> php-5.3.22 upgraded to version 5.3.25
-> phpmyadmin-3.5.7 upgraded to version 4.0.2
-> proftpd-1.3.4a upgraded to version 1.3.4c
-> python-2.7.3 upgraded to version 2.7.4
-> reiserfsprogs-3.6.21 upgraded to version 3.6.22
-> samba-4.0.3 upgraded to version 4.0.6
-> sendmail-8.14.6 upgraded to version 8.14.7
-> sendmail-cf-8.14.6 upgraded to version 8.14.7
-> sms-scripts-2.0.3 upgraded to version 2.0.4
-> sqlite- upgraded to version 3.7.16
-> squid-3.2.7 upgraded to version 3.3.5
-> sudo-1.8.5p2 upgraded to version 1.8.6p7
-> syslinux-4.05 upgraded to version 4.06
-> udisks2-1.98.0 upgraded to version 2.1.0
-> weberp-4.09.1 upgraded to version 4.10.1
-> webmin-1.620 upgraded to version 1.630
-> upgraded to bison-2.7
-> upgraded to distcc-3.1
-> upgraded to doxygen-
-> upgraded to flex-2.5.37
-> upgraded to gettext-tools-
-> upgraded to git-1.8.2
-> upgraded to subversion-1.7.9

Changes in SMS(64).Native.CD-2.0.4-Extra

-> extra/LinuxDVR/Kmotion/motion-3.2.12-i486-3sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/PAM/cups-1.6.2_pam-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/PAM/nss-pam-ldapd-0.8.13-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/PAM/openssh-6.2p2_pam-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/asterisk- Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-linux-2.6.2_3.4.47-i486-6sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/iptables_l7-1.4.17_3.4.47-i486-14sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-generic-l7-3.4.47_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-hugel7-3.4.47_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Ugpraded.
-> extra/nagios/nagios-3.5.0-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/nagios/nrpe-2.14-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openbravo-3.0MP22.2.tar.bz2: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openjdk-7u21_b02-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openjre-7u21_b02-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/avantfax-3.3.3-i486-5sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/dovecot-1.2.17-i486-2sms.txz: Removed.
-> extra/packages/dovecot-sieve-1.2_0.1.18-i486-1sms.txz: Removed.
-> extra/packages/httpd_vm-2.2.24-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/iscsitarget- Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/mariadb-5.5.31-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/mysql-cluster-gpl-7.2.12-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/ndiswrapper-1.58_3.4.47-i486-8sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/nginx-1.4.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/openfire-3_8_1-noarch-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/owncloud-5.0.6-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/php_suhosin-5.3.25-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/roundcubemail-0.9.1-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/samba-3.6.15-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/usermin-1.550-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/wireshark-1.8.7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/zabbix/zabbix_agentd-2.0.6-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/zabbix/zabbix_proxy-2.0.6-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/zabbix/zabbix_server-2.0.6-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/netatalk-3.0.4-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/php-5.4.15-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> pasture/mozilla-firefox-21.0-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> pasture/mozilla-thunderbird-17.0.6-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> pasture/rpm- Upgraded.
-> pasture/seamonkey-solibs-2.17-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> pasture/startup-notification-0.12-i486-1.txz: Added.
-> pasture/xcb-util-0.3.8-i486-1.txz: Added.

25/02/2013 -- SMS version 2.0.3 Released!
Superb Mini Server version 2.0.3 released (Linux kernel 3.4.33)

It's that time again, this release feature the latest long-term support kernel 3.4.33, along with the latest
stable releases of server packages, such as postfix-2.10.0, samba-4.0.3, dovecot-2.1.15, mysql-5.5.30, php-5.3.22.

New packages in this release are, heimdal a kerberos 5 implementation, avahi a zeroconf implementation and libdaemon moved
from /extra/avahi to main distribution, ConsoleKit, polkil and libatasmart to fully support udisks, if anyone want to use it,
cifs-utils which split from samba package, elilo an EFI linux bootloader (installer don't have support for elilo) and
xhost server access control program for X.
New packages in extra iso are mariadb a drop-in replacement to mysql and a built of cups with pam support.

SMS-2.0.3 features by default the long awaited samba-4, and along with it, heimdal and avahi.
By default samba is acting as samba3 with share security (map to guest = bad password), to swith to
active directory domain setup, stop samba, remove /etc/samba/smb.conf and run "samba-tool domain provision".
Samba-4 build against heimdal and avahi, also cifs-utils are split from samba package, so if you are upgrading
mind the new packages and and the new incoming startup script in /etc/rc.d/.
Samba-3.6.12 is available in extra if anyone want to swith to samba-3.

CUPS rebuilt against heimdal and avahi support, default cupsd.conf changed to start cups even if avahi is disabled.
Avahi and heimdal by default are disabled, so if you have an old cupsd.conf you have to either enable avahi daemon or alter
your cupsd.conf for CUPS scheduler to run. A built with heimdal, avahi and pam support is available in /extra/PAM.

smsconfig feature a new function to create self signed certificates as easy as you type "smsconfig cert create".
SMS(64).LiveCD-2.0.3 feature two new bootcodes avahi and heimdal to start avahi or/and heimdal in a LiveCD session.

Upgraded versions of httpd-2.4.4, php-5.4.12 and netatalk-3.0.2 are available under testing.

Either you are upgrading or not, I strongly recommend to take a look at CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT.

SMS Wiki is at http://sms.it-ccs.com/wiki
SMS Support forum at http://sms.it-ccs.com/forum

If you find this software useful support it, in any way you can, at http://sms.it-ccs.com/support.html

A brief Changelog.

-> Kernels upgraded to 3.4.33.
-> Added elilo-3.14.
-> Added ConsoleKit-0.105
-> Added polkit-0.105
-> Added libatasmart-0.19
-> Added libdaemon-0.14
-> Added avahi-0.6.31
-> Added cifs-utils-5.9
-> Added heimdal-1.5.2
-> Added xhost-1.0.5
-> btrfs-progs-20120821 upgraded to version 20130214
-> sharutils-4.11 upgraded to version 4.13.3
-> sms-scripts-2.0.2 upgraded to version 2.0.3
-> alpine-2.02 upgraded to version 2.03
-> cups-filters-1.0.25 upgraded to version 1.0.29
-> curl-7.27.0 upgraded to version 7.29.0
-> dhcp-4.2.4_P2 upgraded to version 4.2.5
-> dhcpcd-5.5.6 upgraded to version 5.6.6
-> dovecot-2.1.12 upgraded to version 2.1.15
-> dovecot-pigeonhole-0.3.3 upgraded to version 0.3.3
-> fetchmail-6.3.22 upgraded to version 6.3.24
-> freetype-2.4.10 upgraded to version 2.4.11
-> hplip-3.12.11 upgraded to version 3.13.2
-> imapd-2.02 upgraded to version 2.03
-> iproute2-3.4.0 upgraded to version 3.6.0
-> iptables- upgraded to version 1.4.17
-> libmtp-1.1.3 upgraded to version 1.1.5
-> mysql-5.5.28 upgraded to version 5.5.30
-> nmap-6.01 upgraded to version 6.25
-> openssl-1.0.1c upgraded to version 1.0.1e
-> php-5.3.19 upgraded to version 5.3.22
-> phpmyadmin-3.5.4 upgraded to version 3.5.7
-> postfix-2.9.4 upgraded to version 2.10.0
-> samba-3.6.10 upgraded to version 4.0.3
-> sarg-2.3.3 upgraded to version 2.3.5
-> sdl-1.2.14 upgraded to version 1.2.15
-> sendmail-8.14.5 upgraded to version 8.14.6
-> sendmail-cf-8.14.5 upgraded to version 8.14.6
-> slang-2.2.3 upgraded to version 2.2.4
-> slrn-0.9.9p1 upgraded to version 1.0.1
-> smbldap-tools-0.9.9 upgraded to version 0.9.10
-> squid-3.2.4 upgraded to version 3.2.7
-> webmin-1.610 upgraded to version 1.620
-> gcc-4.7.1 upgraded to version 4.7.2

Changes in SMS(64).Native.CD-2.0.3-Extra

-> testing/httpd-2.4.4-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-linux-2.6.1_3.4.33-i486-20sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/asterisk/asterisk- Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/iptables_l7-1.4.17_3.4.33-i486-8sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-generic-l7-3.4.33_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-hugel7-3.4.33_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/iscsitarget- Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/ndiswrapper-1.58_3.4.33-i486-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/owncloud-4.5.7-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/php_suhosin-5.3.22-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/php-5.4.12-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/Openbravo-3.0MP20.tar.bz2: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/transmission-2.77-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/PAM/cups-1.6.1_pam-i486-4sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/nginx-1.2.7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/postgresql-9.1.8-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/wireshark-1.8.5-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/usermin-1.540-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/netatalk-3.0.2-i486-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/roundcubemail-0.8.5-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/mariadb-5.5.29-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/samba-3.6.12-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/avantfax-3.3.3-i486-4sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/nagios/nagios-3.4.4-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.

11/12/2012 -- SMS version 2.0.2 Released!
Superb Mini Server version 2.0.2 released (Linux kernel 3.2.35)

This is a bugfix and security release, featuring security enhancements, packages upgrades, new features and latest 3.2.x branch kernel.
In this release we focus, amongst other things, on two recent SMS reviews.

First let's start with new packages in SMS-2.0.2, which are, a2ps, bc, and font-bit-stream-type1 needed by various cups filters,
libnl3 a iw package dependency, dbus-python which split from x-kde-addon package, and memcached memory object caching system.
New packages in extra are nagios suite including, nagios, nagios-plugins, and nrpe addon, otrs-perl perl packages for otrs ticket system.
Addons features for rutorrent including GeoIP and php-geoip, autodl-irssi, autodl-irssi-perl perl modules and php-json.
In pasture directory added mozilla-firefox and mozilla-thunderbird.

Package removals in this release is the deprecated horde-webmail-1.2.2.

Avahi, dbus-python and PyQt rebuilt against python-2.7, was against python-2.6.
SMS(64).LiveCD PXE boot fixed, problem existed in 32bit edition mostly by busybox-1.20.1, also removed annoying messages about modules.pcimap
missing during PXE boot.

Fixed a few bugs in smsconfig and added new features and improvements.
Services now are force start/stop even if they are disabled, except sendmail, but beware if services are not enabled they will not auto start at boot.
Same force start/stop feature added in webmin also.
smsconfig also features a backup option, which backup /etc with xz by date and restore it upon selection by date.
ndiswrapper dahdi-linux and iscsitarget packages now includes kernel modules for all SMS kernels.

SMS-2.0.2 features a secure wizard function to help you secure and optimize your server.
The wizard indented for clean installations only, although some part or all, may work on old installations too.
If a service is disabled e.g. mysql, you wouldn't be prompt to alter mysql passwords.
You can access the secure wizard through GUI or CLI
GUI tutorial
CLI tutorial

SMS(64).LiveCD now includes a VGA mode (vga=normal) disabling vesafb, it's useful when booting to older machines
or machines with embedded graphics or if you experience weird vga behavior.
Same fix applied in SMS.Native.CD-Install.iso by altering lilo.conf when selecting a i486 kernel (huge.s, generic.s).

SMS.Native.CD installer now features a setup.auto script, to help you install SMS faster.
By running 'setup.auto' instead of setup, either if linux partitions are present or not, it
will ask you to select a disk, for installing SMS.
!!! WARNING !!! This step will delete anything on the selected disk, beyond data recovery.
Once you select a disk, installer will auto partition disk and start a full installation in terse mode.
After installation of packages you will be guided through the traditional configuration steps.
With this mode you will not be prompted to insert the second disk, so kernel-source and llvm packages are not installed, unless you are having

SMS_AIO DVD, or build your own SMS DVD installation.
Partition scheme
100MB /boot ext3 (/dev/sdX1)
2GB swap swap (/dev/sdX2)
%REST% / jfs. (/dev/sdX3)

A warning also added when running sms-text-installer to avoid corrupted installations.

All installation and Live CD isos are parsed with isohybrid, so they are hybrid isos,
meaning that you can copy an iso image with 'dd' to your USB flash disk for booting from there. To do that just do
dd if=/path/to/SMS.LiveCD.iso of=/dev/sdX
or something like
dd if=/path/to/SMS.Native.CD-Install.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M
where X is your usb disk drive device.
!!! WARNING !!!
This step will delete anything on the selected disk, so be really careful by selecting the right drive device by
consulting 'blkid' and 'lsblk'.
You can otherwise use the more safer way booting from USB with usbboot scripts, for more info read README_USB.TXT.

Either you are upgrading or not, I strongly recommend to take a look at CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT.

SMS Wiki is at http://sms.it-ccs.com/wiki
SMS Support forum at http://sms.it-ccs.com/forum

If you find this software useful support it, in any way you can, at http://sms.it-ccs.com/support.html

A brief Changelog.

-> MailScanner-4.84.5_2 upgraded to version 4.84.5_3
-> PyQt-3.18.1 rebuilt against python-2.7
-> bind-9.9.2 upgraded to version 9.9.2_P1
-> cups-filters-1.0.24 upgraded to version 1.0.25
-> dovecot-2.1.10 upgraded to version 2.1.12
-> hplip-3.10.5 upgraded to version 3.12.11
-> libevent-2.0.20 upgraded to version 2.0.21
-> libssh-0.5.2 upgraded to version 0.5.3
-> php-5.3.18 upgraded to version 5.3.19
-> phpmyadmin-3.5.3 upgraded to version 3.5.4
-> samba-3.6.9 upgraded to version 3.6.10
-> sarg-2.3.2 upgraded to version 2.3.3
-> sqlite-3.7.13 upgraded to version
-> squid-3.2.3 upgraded to version 3.2.4
-> webmin-1.600 upgraded to version 1.610
-> Added a2ps-4.14
-> Added bc-1.06.95
-> Added dbus-python-1.1.1
-> Added libnl3-3.2.11
-> Added memcached-1.4.15
-> Added font-bitstream-type1-1.0.3

Changes in SMS(64).Native.CD-2.0.2-Extra

-> extra/openbravo/Openbravo-3.0MP17.1.tar.bz2: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/egroupware-1.8.004-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/asterisk- Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-linux-2.6.1-i486-10sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/iptables_l7- Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-generic-l7-3.2.35_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Ugpraded.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-hugel7-3.2.35_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/postgresql-9.1.7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/iscsitarget- Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/ndiswrapper-1.57-i486-18sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/nagios/nagios-3.4.3-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/nagios/nagios-plugins-1.4.16-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/nagios/nrpe-2.13-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/wireshark-1.8.4-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/mysql-cluster-gpl-7.2.9-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/owncloud-4.5.3-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/autodl-irssi-1.31-noarch-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/autodl-irssi-perl-1.00-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/php-geoip-1.0.8-i486-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/php-json-1.2.1-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/avahi/avahi-0.6.31-i486-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/PAM/nss-pam-ldapd-0.8.12-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/apache-tomcat-6.0.36-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openjdk-7u9_b30-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/openjre-7u9_b30-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/roundcubemail-0.8.4-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/lighttpd-1.4.32-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/usermin-1.530-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/GeoIP-1.4.8-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/php-geoip-1.0.8-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/lms-1.11.13-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/nginx-1.2.5-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/otrs-3.1.11-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/otrs-perl-3.1.11-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/packages/horde-webmail-1.2.2-noarch-1sms: Removed.

05/11/2012 -- SMS version 2.0.1 Released!
Superb Mini Server version 2.0.1 released (Linux kernel 3.2.33)

This minor release, upgrade linux kernel to version 3.2.33, upgrade server packages to latest stable versions
and introducing smsconfig, a powerful script for managing services, reseting passwords and performing various tasks.

New packages in this release are qpdf a dependency of cups-filters, lightsquid a light and fast squid report generator
available at http://[yourserver]lightsquid and php-suhosin php security extension by default disabled, to enable it,
just edit /etc/php/suhosin.ini.
New packages in SMS.Native.CD-Extra.iso are php_suhosin a php built with suhosin-patch,
it's recommended to remove php package before installing this built to maintain a sanity package information,
rutorrent another web front-end to rtorrent, and an openssh built with pam support.
A pasture directory added with packages, many times, required by 3rd party apps, and available as a slapt-get repository,
and since directory was too small for now, it is included in SMS.Native.CD-Extra.iso, if it grows too big in the future it
will be available online only.
Packages in pasture are seamonkey-solibs, lm_sensors and rpm.

gcc-java package is back in SMS(64).Native.CD-Install.iso, "kernel-source" and "llvm" is in SMS(64).Native.CD-Extra.iso.
So by selecting either "kernel-source" or/and "llvm" packages during install, installer will prompt you to insert the next CD to continue.
If you want to burn distribution to one DVD just copy all contents from 'slackware(64)/devel' from SMS(64).Native.CD-Extra.iso to your
installation DVD and remove README_SPLIT.TXT.

Installer now creates an initial ramdisk image (intrd.gz) and apply it in lilo.conf, if a generic kernel selected during install.

Either you are upgrading or not, I strongly recommend to take a look at CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT.

SMS Wiki is at http://sms.it-ccs.com/wiki
SMS Support forum at http://sms.it-ccs.com/forum

If you find this software useful support it, in any way you can, at http://sms.it-ccs.com/support.html

A brief Changelog.

-> bind-9.9.1_P3 upgraded to version 9.9.2
-> clamav-0.97.5 upgraded to version 0.97.6
-> cups-filters-1.0.20 upgraded to version 1.0.24
-> dovecot-2.1.9 upgraded to version 2.1.10
-> dovecot-pigeonhole-0.3.1 upgraded to version 0.3.3
-> e2fsprogs-1.42.5 upgraded to version 1.42.6
-> fail2ban-0.8.6 upgraded to version
-> git-1.7.12 upgraded to version
-> hylafax-5.5.1 upgraded to version 5.5.2
-> iptables-1.4.15 upgraded to version
-> kernels upgraded to version 3.2.33
-> lcms2-2.3 upgraded to version 2.4
-> linux-pam-1.1.5 upgraded to version 1.1.6
-> lightsquid-1.8 added
-> mysql-5.5.27 upgraded to version 5.5.28
-> netatalk-2.2.3 upgraded to version 2.2.4
-> openldap-2.4.32 upgraded to version 2.4.33
-> openmpi-1.6.1 upgraded to version 1.6.3
-> perl-5.16.1 upgraded to version 5.16.2
-> php-5.3.17 upgraded to version 5.3.18
-> php-suhosin-0.9.33 added
-> phpldapadmin-1.2.2 upgraded to version 1.2.3
-> phpmyadmin- upgraded to version 3.5.3
-> rp-pppoe-3.10 upgraded to version 3.11
-> qpdf-3.0.2 added
-> samba-3.6.8 upgraded to version 3.6.9
-> sarg- upgraded to version 2.3.2
-> slacktrack-2.11 upgraded to version 2.12
-> slapt-get-0.10.2m upgraded to version 0.10.2o
-> smbldap-tools-0.9.7 upgraded to version 0.9.9
-> squid-3.1.20 upgraded to version 3.2.3
-> subversion-1.7.5 upgraded to version 1.7.6
-> varnish-3.0.2 upgraded to version 3.0.3
-> vsftpd-3.0.0 upgraded to version 3.0.2
-> weberp-4.08.5 upgraded to version 4.09.1
-> webmin-1.590 upgraded to version 1.600

Changes in SMS(64).Native.CD-2.0.1-Extra

-> extra/packages/php_suhosin-5.3.18-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/rtorrent-0.9.2-i486-3sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/rutorrent-3.4-noarch-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/rtorrent+wtorrent/xmlrpc-c-1.32.2-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/asterisk- Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/asterisk-gui-2.1.0rc1-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/asterisk/dahdi-linux-2.6.1-i486-8sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/asterisk/libpri-1.4.13-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/iptables_l7- Rebuilt.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-generic-l7-3.2.33_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/layer7/kernel-hugel7-3.2.33_l7-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/iscsitarget- Rebuilt.
-> extra/packages/ndiswrapper-1.57-i486-16sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/DLNA/fuppes/fuppes-0.680-i486-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/openbravo/Openbravo-3.0MP16.1.tar.bz2: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/roundcubemail-0.8.2-noarch-1sms.txz: Ugpraded.
-> extra/zabbix/zabbix_agentd-2.0.3-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/zabbix/zabbix_proxy-2.0.3-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/zabbix/zabbix_server-2.0.3-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/PAM/nss-pam-ldapd-0.8.11-i486-2sms.txz: Rebuilt.
-> extra/PAM/openssh-6.1p1-i486-1sms.txz: Added.
-> extra/PAM/nss-pam-ldapd-0.8.11-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/owncloud-4.5.1-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/transmission-2.73-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/wireshark-1.8.3-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/usermin-1.520-noarch-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/PAM/vsftpd-3.0.2-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/nut/nut-2.6.5-i486-1sms.txz: Ugpraded.
-> extra/nut/powerman-2.3.14-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/openbravo/postgresql-9.0.10-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> extra/packages/nginx-1.2.4-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/php-5.4.8-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> testing/netatalk-3.0.1-i486-1sms.txz: Upgraded.
-> pasture/lm_sensors-3.3.2-i486-1.txz: Added.
-> pasture/rpm-4.10.0-i486-1.txz: Added.
-> pasture/seamonkey-solibs-2.13.2-i486-1.txz: Added.

18/09/2012 -- SMS version 2.0.0 Released!
Superb Mini Server version 2.0.0 released (Linux kernel 3.2.29)

This release was planned for August 10th were the project had its 5 years anniversary, but personal difficulties, along with hardware problems, kept me back a whole month.
SMS-2.0.0 core is based at slackware-current a.k.a slackware-14, that means slackware packages are compatible with SMS, as long as they are not qt4 dependable as SMS use qt3. SMS packages though are not compatible with slackware.
Once more we choose for our default web server httpd-2.2.23 and php-5.3.17 for greater stability and compatibility with all web apps.
httpd-2.4.3 and php-5.4.7 are available under testing and even php-5.2.17 available in extra/packages in SMS(64).Native.CD-2.0.0-Extra.iso

Major changes took place in our changelog such as, our switch to openssl-1.0.x and gnutls-3.x.
OpenSSL-0.9.8 libraries lib{crypto,ssl}.so.0 were retain in openssl-solibs package, but this only means that binaries linked with those libraries will start, not that SSL will continue to work for them.
The hashing format in /etc/ssl/certs/ has changed, so any programs linking to the old libraries will not be able to use them.
In other words if you were thinking about a partial upgrade, ain't gonna work this time.
Due to license incompatibility of gnutls-3.x and wireshark, wireshark built against gnutls-2.12.20 in /opt/gnutls2.
Wireshark package also includes /opt/gnutls2. Don't worry about conflicts as /opt/gnutls2 it's not in $LD_LIBRARY_PATH or $PATH.

Although we are square about our web server, for our print server we move to cups-1.6.1, so you may need to modify settings in your already install printers with new gutenprint drivers. Users who are may having problems with 1.6.1, most likely are having problems with 1.5.x too, so they can use version 1.4.8 available in /extra/packages.

This release adopted a few new packages such as gptfdisk a name change of gdisk actually, kernel-firmware latest firmware from git, kmod which replaced module-init-tools, udisks2 a version 2 storage daemon, ups-filters backends and filters required by cups-1.6.x, icu4c International Components for Unicode, libcroco, libffi, libusb-compat which split from libusb package, nettle cpyptographic library, p11-kit a PKCS#11 toolki, scannedonly a samba vfs module and a scanning daemon that ensure that only files that have been scanned for viruses are visible and accessible to the end user, default scanroot set at /var/smb/samba, but you can change it at /etc/scannedonly.conf.
To start it use "rc.scannedonly" and to enable scannedonly in your samba shares just add in your share in /etc/samba/smb.conf.
"vfs object = scannedonly", to set files visible even if are not scanned use "scannedonly: hide_nonscanned_files = False".
New packages in extra iso are, in /extra/DLNA/common libva, in /extra/PAM nss-pam-ldap which replace nss_ldap and nss_pam and a vsftpd built
with pam support, in /extra/packages owncloud an open source dropbox like app, latest security update is available through slapt-get
and in testing netatalk version 3.0.
Owncloud package install owncloud with default setup. After installing this package navigate to http://yourserver/owncloud
to choose database setup (sqlite, mysql, postgres). You need to create your own database and grant privileges unless you use sqlite setup.

Package removals since SMS-1.6.6 are gdisk, module-init-tools, ntfsprogs which merged in ntfs-3g package, iwlwifi-*ucode, rt* firmware, nss_pam, nss_ldap, netatalk-2.1.6. Also in our effort to keep distribution installer in 2 CDs, bootsplash kernels and LTSP x86 package, were removed from ISO distribution and are available online through downloads page.

Due to size increase devel series split to 2 CDs, and to be more specific, packages exist in SMS(64).Native.CD-Extra.iso are "gcc-java", "llvm" and "kernel-source". So by selecting either of three packages during install, installer will prompt you to insert the next CD to continue.
If you want to burn distribution to one DVD just copy all contents from 'slackware(64)/devel' from SMS(64).Native.CD-Extra.iso to your installation DVD and remove README_SPLIT.TXT.

Either you are upgrading or not, I strongly recommend to take a look at CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT.

Samba-3.6.8, owncloud-4.0.7 and sshfs-fuse-2.4 are available through slapt-get or manually from SMS repository.

SMS Wiki is at http://sms.it-ccs.com/wiki
SMS Support forum at http://sms.it-ccs.com/forum

If you find this software useful support it, in any way you can, at http://sms.it-ccs.com/support.html

A brief Changelog.

-> Kernels upgraded to version 3.2.29.
-> acl-2.2.50 upgraded to version 2.2.51
-> alpine-2.00 upgraded to version 2.02
-> atk-1.32.0 upgraded to version 2.4.0
-> attr-2.4.45 upgraded to version 2.4.46
-> bash-4.2.024 upgraded to version 4.2.037
-> bind-9.9.1_P1 upgraded to version 9.9.1_P3
-> binutils- upgraded to version
-> bluez-4.91 upgraded to version 4.99
-> bluez-hcidump-2.0 upgraded to version 2.4
-> btrfs-progs-20110327 upgraded to version 20120821
-> ca-certificates-20111211 upgraded to version 20120623
-> cdrtools-3.01a02 upgraded to version 3.01a08
-> coreutils-8.15 upgraded to version 8.19
-> cryptsetup-1.2.0 upgraded to version 1.4.3
-> cups-1.5.3 upgraded to version 1.6.1
-> Added cups-filter-1.0.20.
-> curl-7.25.0 upgraded to version 7.27.0
-> dbus-1.4.1 upgraded to version 1.4.20
-> dbus-glib-0.88 upgraded to version 0.98
-> dcron-4.4 upgraded to version 4.5
-> dhcp-4.2.1_P1 upgraded to version 4.2.4_P2
-> dhcpcd-5.2.12 upgraded to version 5.5.6
-> diffutils-3.0 upgraded to version 3.2
-> djvulibre-3.5.24 upgraded to version
-> dovecot-2.1.7 upgraded to version 2.1.9
-> e2fsprogs-1.42.2 upgraded to version 1.42.5
-> ed-1.4 upgraded to version 1.6
-> fetchmail-6.3.20 upgraded to version 6.3.22
-> file-5.09 upgraded to version 5.11
-> foomatic-filters-4.0.6 upgraded to version 4.0.12
-> freetype-2.4.8 upgraded to version 2.4.10
-> fribidi-0.10.9 upgraded to version 0.19.2
-> gcc-4.7.0 upgraded to version 4.7.1
-> gcc-g++-4.7.0 upgraded to version 4.7.1
-> gcc-gnat-4.7.0 upgraded to version 4.7.1
-> gcc-java-4.7.0 upgraded to version 4.7.1
-> gcc-go-4.7.0 upgraded to version 4.7.1
-> gcc-objc-4.7.0 upgraded to version 4.7.1
-> gcc-gfortran-4.7.0 upgraded to version 4.7.1
-> gdk-pixbuf2-2.23.3 upgraded to version 2.26.1
-> getmail-4.20.3 upgraded to version 4.30.1
-> ghostscript-9.02 upgraded to version 9.05
-> upgraded to git-1.7.12.
-> glib2-2.28.6 upgraded to version 2.32.4
-> glibc-zoneinfo-2012b_2012c upgraded to version 2012e_2012e
-> gnupg-1.4.11 upgraded to version 1.4.12
-> gnupg2-2.0.17 upgraded to version 2.0.19
-> gnutls-2.12.7 upgraded to version 3.0.23
-> gpa-0.7.5 upgraded to version 0.9.3
-> gpgme-1.3.0 upgraded to version 1.3.2
-> Added gptfdisk-0.8.5
-> grep-2.7 upgraded to version 2.14
-> gtk+2-2.24.4 upgraded to version 2.24.10
-> gutenprint-5.2.6 upgraded to version 5.2.9
-> gzip-1.4 upgraded to version 1.5
-> httpd-2.2.22 upgraded to version 2.2.23
-> Added icu4c-49.1.2.
-> imagemagick-6.7.7_0 upgraded to version 6.7.7_10
-> imapd-2.00 upgraded to version 2.02
-> iproute2-3.2.0 upgraded to version 3.4.0
-> iptables-1.4.14 upgraded to version 1.4.15
-> iw-0.9.20 upgraded to version 3.5
-> kbd-1.15

Superb! Mini Server Project Manager
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